Monday, February 23, 2015

Chest Congestion and Melaluca Oil

Melaluca is a fancy name for Tea Tree EO (essential oil). As I've mentioned in my last post, it has endless possibilities. My 2 year old daughter, Lyla, has this nasty cold. She's has no fever and is still sleeping through the night. It seems to be getting better slowly each day so I haven't felt that strong motherly instinct to run her to the doctor. She's been taking Nubees for her congestion and slight cough, lots of fluids, her daily dose of vitamins and minerals, but she needed an extra boost. We have been running her humidifier nightly and last night I added about 5 drops of Tea Tree EO to the distilled water. I ran it on high about 30 minutes before bedtime with her bedroom door open just to moisten the air a bit. I set the humidifier on low and put her down to sleep. By no means am I saying Tea Tree EO cured her but I'm happy to report she sounds a lot better! Her chest has cleared up some and her nose is not running as profusely as it was the day before. Her eyes are no longer red and swollen and she seems to be in less discomfort. I'm one happy mama!

Essential oils are the defense mechanisms from a plant. You're basically getting concentrated healing powers from nature. Tea Tree EO is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and so on. It's great at killing most germs and is an effective alternative to over the counter cleaning products, too!

Remember to use common sense when it comes to your child. No information  given here  should replace the advice of a doctor.

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