Friday, May 22, 2015

PartyLite Review

First off, let me say I LOVE PartyLite. The atmosphere is never quite right unless a candle is burning. They have the most gorgeous candle holder's I've ever seen! The only complaint I have- and it's a big one- is they are totally expensive. The ONLY time I purchase something is if it's on sale. Good news is, they run sales often, always have a clearance selection, and my PartyLite consultant hosts bingo nights that allow you to win some great free stuff.

A few months ago I attended a bingo night with my mother and aunt. It was only $20 for a bunch of bingo cards, raffle tickets, snacks.. there was even a cash bar downstairs. Yes!!!! What was better was the table of slightly broken or missing part type of items. I scored this adorable squirrel tea light holder. Just a dab of glue and it's good as new for only $5! That squirrel was originally $35 or so.

Anyways, I ended up winning a small glass star tealight holder and a DIY type candle holder set. I was pretty excited to do it with my 2 year old. It was so easy to clean up. It washed right off our hands and out of Lyla's clothes. The kit was $40, thankfully I got it for free. For $40, I could get 3x's as many supplies to do that project from a craft store.

The quality is fantastic, the candles smell SO good, and their candle holders are my favorite. So when you catch a sale make sure you take advantage. Find a friend who sells it and join the email list!

Want to befriend my PartyLite consultant? Her name is Amy Gorman. Find her website here.

Happy shopping!

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